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We Can Help at Center For Healthy Living

Family baking togetherOur Chiropractic office uses procedures and adjunctive services that help our patients enjoy the fastest results in the shortest amount of time. As Chiropractors there are certain health conditions we especially enjoy helping patients with. Sometimes it’s because they’re challenging, and other times because it’s so gratifying to see results after traditional methods are unsuccessful. For us, our most rewarding cases involve…

Chronic Low Back Pain

We enjoy seeing patients at our office that have never seen a Chiropractor for chronic low back pain because the results are normally instant. Relief with one adjustment happens often in our clinic. However it is short lived because of so many variables that were overlooked, a simple condition as fallen foot arches can have a huge impact on low back pain. Our clinic will find those missing variables and put you on the right path to recovery, happens all the time!


Often times patients will tell us, “My Medical Doctor said I will have to manage my “headaches” for life and I have tried everything, even Chiropractic!” Our favorite of all times, because our clinic has a secret weapon called the Graston Technique that has helped many headache sufferers. “Graston has changed my practice. I have helped so many where in the past we would have failed if it wasn’t for the Graston Technique!,” states Dr. Plotnikoff.

Extremity Injuries

We often hear, “I never knew Chiropractors could treat extremity injuries.” First an extremity is either an arm or leg. Chiropractors can assess and treat any injuries involving these areas with many treatment approaches and do so successfully. If the injury warrants further investigation, Chiropractors are well suited to refer you to a specialist. Consult the Chiropractors who know what it takes to resist traditional methods and choose a natural solution. Contact our Chiropractic office today to schedule an appointment!


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