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Center For Healthy Living FAQs

Like other Calgary SW offices, we hear many questions from new and current chiropractic patients. Here are some of the most common questions and answers…
Will the Doctor take X-rays of my spine?

Once a thorough history and physical examination is completed by your Chiropractor he will determine if further testing procedures are required prior to the start of your treatment. For example, acute traumas, chronic conditions, atypical symptoms, to name a few would require X-rays. This would be discussed with you by one of our chiropractors. Our clinic normally refers you to RCA for X-rays just down the street. All X-rays are paid for by Alberta Health Care.

I have extended group benefits do you direct bill?

We do not direct bill, all services are paid for up front, a receipt is then provided, it is your responsibility to submit those receipts to your insurance company.

I have a knee injury will the Chiropractor adjust my neck?

A complete history and physical examination is performed first before any recommended treatment is discussed or performed in our clinic. If you are consulting our clinic for a knee injury, the Doctor will only focus upon the area of concern. If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, etc., he may discuss this with you, but the reason for the consultation was your knee not your neck. Rest assure primary focus is on your initial complaint!

Why do I need a new patient consultation, I see chiropractors all the time, I just need a crack!

First, the Doctor has never seen you before and requires the time to gather information prior to the recommendation of any treatment for you. Secondly, our chiropractors treat the whole person not your symptoms. There may be abnormalities found during the examination that you are unaware of and nobody else identified for you. At our clinic we provide “adjustments” and a treatment experience that will make you return for more, not just “cracks”!

I don’t know about Chiropractors, once you start you always have to go…

Nobody is twisting your arm now. Our main focus as chiropractors is a healthy functioning nervous system. Stressors in life make the nervous system dysfunctional thereby increasing your risk for disease. Regular Chiropractic adjustments keep you healthy. At the end it’s your choice how you use Chiropractic in your life, once/week, twice/month, once/6 months, only when I am absolutely hurting do I go.

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A patient that is well educated understands why they see a Chiropractor and at our clinic you get EDUCATED! Always consider not going to your Dentist, Medical Doctor, Pharmacist, etc., because you are guaranteed that they will always want you back, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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