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Graston Technique Provider in West Springs Calgary

Helps reduce pain and restore muscle function

graston technique West Springs Calgary Calgary

Center For Healthy Living at West Springs is pleased to provide patients with an innovative and proven approach to the diagnosis and treatment of muscle injuries – Graston Technique. This technique is performed by our therapists at West Springs with patented stainless-steel instruments designed to detect and treat soft-tissue fibrosis or chronic muscle dysfunction/pain in order to reduce pain and restore muscle function.

Graston Treatment

At West Springs our therapists are highly trained with this technique. Most patients report pain reduction and improved function within the first 2 treatments. Although it is not unusual to experience some discomfort during the initial treatment, it should be dramatically lessen within a short period of time.

Mild to moderate bruising may take place during the process of breaking down old scar tissue. Factors such as age, history of the condition, occupation and lifestyle will determine the number of times that you will be treated. The average number of treatments is 10-12. Generally treatment is performed no more than twice a week unless the clinical circumstances dictate otherwise.

Graston technique provider in West Springs Calgary Calgary

Proven advanced technology for the treatment of muscle soft tissue injuries

When muscle, ligaments, and tendons become scarred from repetitive trauma, it can result in pain and loss of motion and therapists at Center For Healthy Living are equipped to handle these problems. Graston Technique is a proven advanced technology for the treatment of muscle soft tissue injuries. The success of treatment will be directly proportionate to your commitment to the treatment plan established for you by your West Springs therapist.

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