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Meet the Team at Center For Healthy Living

Kate headshot

Kate Yuen, RMT

Kate is a registered massage therapist at Center For Healthy Living. Her massage services include Deep tissue massage and sports massage. Kate’s technique is very thorough and provides a stronger therapeutic massage for those clients who prefer a firmer hand. For those clients that carry group benefits, Kate is fully covered by all insurance companies except Alberta Blue Cross and Equitable life at this time.

Hatsune headshot

Hatsune Dale, RMT

Hatsune Dale graduated from Mount Royal University in Calgary, AB with over 2200 hours of training. She is also a certified member of the RMTA. She is dedicated to treating all types injuries stemming from the workplace, motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, sports therapy and relaxation. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the mountain trails with her backpack and camera. Hatsune is currently working part-time hours at the clinic.

Lee Ren, RMT

Lee headshotLee is an experienced and effective Registered Massage Therapist with years of work and research background in medical and biomedical sciences. Equipped with extensive training and knowledge in human body and massage techniques, Lee is alert to the importance of treating the human body as a whole. He applies a balanced and holistic approach that goes beyond addressing localized pain and discomfort. With strong healing hands, Lee’s massage therapy not only aims to release trigger points or tight bands but also to promote his client’s overall long-term health and wellness. He is mindful and responsive to the unique conditions and needs of each client. No matter what your goal is — relaxation, therapeutic, sports, deep tissue, or pregnancy massage — you can be confident in Lee’s sound skills and individualized approach to providing exceptional care. His massage therapy services are fully covered by all insurance companies.

Vincent, RMT

VincentVincent has been a Registered Massage Therapist since his graduation from the Makami school with completion of a 3000 hour Diploma in Advanced Clinical Massage therapy. His knowledgeable with Pain management related to: Over use injuries that result in inflamation or trigger points; Chronic and acute injuries leading to tension headaches, TMJ dysfunction, fibromyalgia, plantar facilities; Postural dysfunctions from myofascial restrictions; Pregnancy, sports related injuries through prevention and maintenance, Motor vehicle accidents.

“My focus is on treating the body as a whole while using specific techniques to accomplish the patient’s goals. I use a variety of specific orthopedic tests and postural analyses to assess client’s concerns. This helps me provide a treatment that is best suited to the client’s individual needs.” Vincent is fully covered by all insurance companies except Green Shield, Co-operators and Equitable life at this time.

Sheila Haire, RMT

Sheila headshotIt’s a Pleasure to be part of a Highly Skilled Team of Professionals at Center For Healthy Living. I look forward to meeting you and being part of your team that helps you on your healing journey towards a New You!

I have been providing Massage Therapy for over 21 years and have been a Member of the MTAA for 19 years. My work has taken me on an amazing journey working with People of every age, many cultures and many locations around the NWT and Alberta.

My passion is to Learn, Teach & Inspire. I have many techniques for treatment some of which include;
Swedish Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Hotstone Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Prenatal, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Breast Massage for Breast Health & Cranial Sacral Therapy Level 1. I am a certified Yoga Teacher and pilates mat work. I like to incorporate different modalities with clients based on their individual needs.

When I am not at work, I enjoy learning new skills, Cooking, Walking, Biking, Meditation, Yoga and Weight Training. I look forward to being part of your Team at the Center for Healthy Living

Mehwa Kim, Physiotherapist

Mehwa headshotMehwa has been a practising physiotherapist since 1996. Graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Physical Therapy, she went on to practise at various hospitals, private practise and sports settings in Toronto, Edmonton, the UK, and Australia before settling in Calgary. In 2002, Mehwa completed her Masters in Manipulative Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in Australia. She went on to do research in neck dysfunction before returning to Calgary in 2005. Her current focus is education and specific muscle retraining in the acute and chronically injured patient ranging from the desk jockey to the weekend warrior to the elite athlete. She works with various clients in the clinic, at the gym and with teams on the sporting fields. Mehwa is a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Therapists She is a certified Gunn IMS practitioner and focuses on rehabilitative training as well as using acupuncture in her practise to rehabilitate her clients. She encompasses a mind, body, spirit approach to her therapy and believes all systems are interconnected. Outside of the clinic, Mehwa loves to play sports, workout, practise yoga and meditation, spend time in the mountains, read, travel, challenge herself and others and strive to be better.

Dr. Sarah Thorne

Dr. Sarah headshotDr. Sarah Thorne is from Millarville, Alberta, she graduated with her undergraduate degree from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, where she played varsity soccer and volleyball. She went on to compete for Canada as a member of the Canadian National Bobsled team. Dr. Thorne competed across Europe and North America and attended the Vancouver Olympic Team Trials.

Dr. Thorne was awarded her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Toronto’s world-renowned Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in June of 2014 where she simultaneously attended McMaster University to receive her diploma in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture. Dr. Thorne has completed courses in Graston Soft Tissue Mobilization as well as Foundations In Functional Assessment.

Dr. Sarah Thorne lives an active lifestyle, she is passionate about health and wellness and is dedicated to assisting her patients reach their goals and tailor treatments to the specific needs of the individual with a team-based approach.

Dr. Ziv Feldman, Professionally Certified Podiatrist & Foot Surgeon

Dr. Ziv headshotDr. Feldman is an established doctor of podiatry and surgeon and has served in the Calgary Health Region for over 20 years. While he is recognized for his expertise in all aspects of foot care, he specializes in corrective foot surgery.

“Foot problems are one of the most common health concerns. By treating conditions early, you can avoid serious conditions and bigger procedures later on,” says Dr. Feldman. “We help by giving exceptional foot care to people of all ages.”

Like many other Calgarians, Dr. Feldman moved to the area for its geography, outdoor recreation and quality of life. When not at work Dr. Feldman skis, plays hockey and golf, and spends time with his two children. See OUR TEAM for more information

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