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About Center For Healthy Living

Center For Healthy Living exteriorCenter For Healthy Living was established in 2008 in the West Springs community in Calgary SW. “I saw an opportunity to create a clinic in the same area that my family has decided to live. I wanted to be able to walk to work and be close to my daughters’ school. It’s wonderful! In addition, the community did not have any health clinics, and I saw the need for one,” states Chiropractor in Calgary SW, Dr. Mark Plotnikoff.

The Center For Healthy Living Philosophy

Our practice philosophy is based on the optimal function of the nervous system. Our physical, emotional, and chemical stressors are what creates our nervous system to function less optimally. We explain these stressors to our patients and identify any that are causing misalignments, or subluxations, making us unique from other health care practitioners. It is one thing to remove these subluxations, but true correction requires understanding what causes them.

Our office uses the modern technology of The Insight™ Millenium Subluxation Station to measure nervous system health in our patients. This equipment provides a tangible way for you to see firsthand how your nervous system functions.

Discovering the Cause of Your Concerns

Our nervous system is designed to react to stress by causing our vertebrae to become subluxated or misaligned. It is a protective mechanism instilled in us. Without it, we would self-destruct or implode. When our vertebrae become subluxated, the muscles will respond by tightening. This tightness may create symptoms immediately, or it may take time. The longer a muscle stays tight, the greater chance of developing scar tissue within the muscle. Now, we have both a subluxated vertebrae and a dysfunctional muscle. We utilize several ways of correcting both issues.

Finding the root cause of the problem is what we always strive to achieve with patients, followed by identifying the best treatment options for them. That is why we created a multi-disciplinary clinic offering different professional services. There has to be a balance between optimal nerve function, good nutrition, exercise and a healthy mind.

Your Health Information Resource

Our ideal patient is athletic, a family person with children and has basic knowledge about health. Most everyone that comes to our office achieves the results that both parties are looking for. We believe it is the educating of our patients that allows them to make their own decisions on what will help them. Chiropractic gets numerous people results and is the nerve center to our clinic.

Regardless of your health goals, please understand that our job is to offer you the finest health care possible, and it’s up to you to decide how much of it you want. We hope that through patient education and helping patients to achieve their health goals we can create long-term relationships. Please contact our Calgary SW chiropractic office so that we can help you take your first step towards better health.


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