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Applying acupuncture needles to patient

Acupuncture at Center For Healthy Living

Clinical Acupuncture activates the body’s response systems on both local and systemic levels. Needling leads to increased blood flow and healing locally, while releasing endorphins and enkephalins systemically. These systemic chemical products aid in the restoration of the body’s natural nerve and muscle tone, resulting in pain relief.

Clinical acupuncture, with and without electrostimulation, has been found to enhance the stimulation of the nervous system and results in muscle relaxation, pain modulation, and lower overall stress to the nervous system.

Our practitioners use traditional acupuncture, auricular needling, and electro-acupuncture to treat a variety of ailments. Some of the conditions that can be treated using acupuncture include headaches, joint and muscle pain, chronic stress, digestive problems, fatigue, and both men’s and women’s health issues.

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