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Recommended Supplements

At the Center for Healthy living, we see many people who are looking for a better quality of life. Things such as injuries, degenerative and inflammatory concerns as well as nutritional concerns sometimes can keep us from having the quality of life we desire.

We offer many services that add to the quality of life. These are: Chiropractic, Nutritional services, Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Professional Foot Orthotics, Naturopathy as well as Acupuncture.  In addition to these we provide Metagenics supplements. Metagenics has pharmaceutical-grade nutrition products not available in stores. They are available only through healthcare providers such as the Center for Healthy Living.

Listed below are some of the most common issues that prevent us from achieving the quality of life that we desire. These are:

1. Supporting Bone Health/Osteoperosis/Osteoarthritis

2. Joint Support

3. Supporting Better sleep

4. Men’s health/Prostrate Support

5. Female Health/Menopause

6. Immune Support

7. Intestinal Support

8. Children’s Health and Development

9. Cardiovascular Support

10. Nervous system Support – Stress and Anxiety

11. Soft Tissue Support

If you’re unsure what type of care will best suit your health care needs, we recommend you make an appointment with us.  In some cases, optimal health can be achieved most easily by combining  various methods of care, such as Chiropractic treatments, massage treatments, or lifestyle and nutrition consultations.  We are happy to work with conventional providers or other natural health care providers to help you coordinate your health care.

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