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Pronto Pain Relief for Aching Muscles

Muscle PainYou don’t have to be a triathlete or sports pro to experience chronic muscle pain. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or have muscle pain from your job, we offer an effective solution: Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), also called Trigger Point Dry Needling.

As a chiropractor, I treat many musculoskeletal conditions and like to use IMS for some of those patients who may not respond to traditional techniques, such as Graston and Active Release® Techniques (ART). IMS is just another nice added technique in our office to help stubborn muscles relax.

Improves Muscle Elasticity

IMS helps improve muscle elasticity to an area that is problematic to a patient. The areas that can be affected by IMS are usually areas in the upper extremities, such as arms and elbows, and lower extremity areas such as quadriceps muscles in the calves. We also do IMS on areas of the upper shoulders as well as the lower back.

What to Expect

Therapy ToolsYour initial consultation is one hour and includes an assessment of the area of complaint. Trained physiotherapists Mehwa Kim and Irfan Jessa, both of whom hold master’s degrees, perform IMS in the office. Based on the history intake and the objective findings found by the physiotherapist, Mehwa or Irfan will make a recommendation for what’s going to be best suited for the problem.

Following the assessment the IMS treatment will consist of the use of acupuncture-like needles that are repeatedly placed into the muscle to break up the spasm. For your comfort, please wear loose clothing such as shorts and a tank top or T-shirt.

There may be some local discomfort where the needling has taken place, and you may feel a bit sore following IMS. It’s no different than going to a chiropractor and getting adjusted or going to the gym and having some soreness after a workout. Having experienced IMS myself, I’ve found that it’s actually more painful to get a vaccination than to have IMS done because the needles used with IMS are smaller than those used for a shot. If you experience any discomfort, it should be minor.

Benefits of IMS

IMS offers many benefits to a patient. You may find immediate improvement with the muscle itself. You could have fewer spasms and enjoy a better range of motion to the extremity. Contact Center For Healthy Living today to learn more.

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