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How Orthotics Can Help You

When someone breaks their wrist, it’s pretty clear exactly where the injury occurred. However, did you know that experiencing frequent low or mid back pain doesn’t always mean the problem lies in your back? In fact, it could be an issue with a part of your body that isn’t even near your back—the feet!

At Center For Healthy Living, we’re proud to offer orthotics services to our patients with the help of our onsite Orthotic Practitioner, Erika Schultz.

Why Would Someone Need Orthotics?

When we experience pain in the body, the part that’s bothering us isn’t always where the problem is happening. In a lot of cases, the root cause of chronic or acute pain starts at the bottom of it all—with your feet! How? You might be surprised to learn that many patients have flat feet, high arches, or uneven feet that can lead to many problems in your body down the road.

In addition to low back pain, custom-made orthotics are great for patients experiencing plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and an array of other problems directly related to your feet.

How it Works

After scheduling an assessment with Erika, you’ll meet with her to have a thorough examination that allows her to get a better understanding of your symptoms. She’ll then look at your feet to determine if custom orthotics could benefit you. If so, she’ll present you with options including the cost. If you’d like to move forward, we can proceed with ordering your orthotics—you’ll be feeling better in no time!

Book Your Time

Whether you’re a current chiropractic patient who would like to schedule a free 30-minute assessment with Erika or a new patient who would like to take advantage of this consultation, please contact (403) 769-0093 to book your appointment.

We look forward to helping you heal!

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