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Holistic Nutrition Programs and Services

30 Minute Consultation $60

Unsure if holistic nutrition is the right path for you? This 30 minute consultation allows you and I to discuss your main concerns and health goals, and how I can help you on your path towards optimal health. This is not an in-depth health analysis, but rather an opportunity for you to gain more insight into how my services can help meet your needs. We will also discuss which packages and services align best with meeting your goals, and encouraging follow through.

Personalized Nutrition Package $325

Includes Initial Meeting + Personalized Plan of Action + 1 Follow-Up + Nutrition 101 Handbook + Customized Meal Suggestions (3 appointments total)

Appointment 1 – Initial Meeting (approx 1hr)

In our first appointment, we will focus on information gathering. We will review your lifestyle and nutritional assessment forms (requested to be filled out and returned at least 24 hours prior) to determine your current level of health, your nutritional and lifestyle habits, your objectives, and how we can go about meeting them in a reasonable fashion. We will discuss any symptoms you may be having, and how they relate to your main health goals and concerns.

Taking this information into account, time will then be spent outside of your appointment to create a plan of action specifically tailored to help you address imbalances in your body, and meet your nutritional needs.

Included in this appointment is your Nutrition 101 Handbook, which introduces you to the basics of nutrition, and allows you to get a head start on implementing better nutritional and lifestyle habits.

Appointment 2 – Personalized Plan of Action (approx 1hr)

In our second appointment, you will be presented with a plan of action created specifically for your nutritional needs. We will discuss the connections between your health concerns and underlying imbalances in your body, and why the recommendations made pertain to your health goals. This is an active session aimed at giving you a better understanding of your body, why symptoms may be present, and how to work towards achieving balance physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. You will be provided with the tools to start making realistic changes geared towards reaching your health goals.

Included in your Personalized Plan of Action is:

  • Dietary recommendations, including key foods to focus on
  • Supplements to consider to address nutritional deficiencies
  • Lifestyle habits to encourage optimal body functioning
  • Customized breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack suggestions

Appointment 3 – Follow-Up (approx 30-45min)

In our follow-up appointment, we will discuss your progress thus far, and how you are adjusting to the recommendations made in your Personalized Plan of Action. Any questions you have will be addressed, and we will discuss the next steps in your journey towards optimal health.

Guided Personal Nutrition Package $500

Includes Initial Meeting + Personalized Plan of Action + 4 Follow-Ups + Nutrition 101 Handbook + Customized Meal Suggestions (3 appointments total)

This package is similar to the Personalized Nutrition Package, but includes 4 follow-up sessions. This package is built for the individual who’s protocol requires a little more guidance. Additional follow-up sessions allow for gradual changes to be made over time, with continued support and feedback.

Additional Follow-Up Sessions $75 (approx 30-45min)

Follow-up sessions keep you moving towards your health goals. As you make adjustments to your diet and lifestyle, your body will respond, and your nutritional needs will change. These sessions allow us to make the necessary adjustments needed, and provide you with the support you need to achieve balance and move towards a healthier you.

Grocery Store Tour $100 (1hr)

In this service, I will accompany you to your grocery store of choice, and help you learn to shop for your nutritional needs. You will learn how to choose foods that are healthy and nutrient dense, which foods are best to buy organic, how to read food labels, and which foods and aisles should be avoided.

Nutrition 101 Handbook $25

Your introductory handbook to basic nutritional principles, including tips on how to make dietary and lifestyle changes to benefit your general wellness.

Topics introduced include:

  • What is Holistic Nutrition?
  • Macronutrients 101 – What are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats?
  • The importance of water
  • Tips for improving digestion
  • Food combining principles
  • The dangers of sugar
  • Chemicals in, on, and around our food
  • Stress, and how it affects your body
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes

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