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Is Your Workspace Causing You Pain?

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We can assist you in setting up an ergonomic workspace.

Our society sits too much! Most people today work behind a desk, sitting in a chair for 40 or more hours per week. Many haven’t considered the risks of not having an ergonomic workspace and the physical stress it puts on your body.

Setting up a Proper Workstation

Your desk, monitor and chair all play important roles in helping to maintain a more neutral alignment in the upper back, shoulders and spine. A properly set up chair is important in minimizing strain on the pelvis, lower back and lower extremities while giving good circulation to the lower portion of the body.

Creating Pain and Tension

It’s not just physical stress that affects us in the workplace. Emotional stressors are found both at home and at work and add stress to your body’s soft tissues and muscles in the upper back, low back and neck. The repetitive, everyday task of sitting can eventually create symptoms, particularly in the neck area. You’ve probably experienced headaches, muscle aches, and chronic migraines or muscle tension headaches from improper ergonomics.

Improving Employee Health and Productivity

Many employers today are seeing the benefit of employing occupational therapists, chiropractors and physiotherapists who can assist their employees in setting up an ergonomic workspace. Employees whose bodies are in alignment have minimized stress on the spine, which can improve employee performance and decrease the sick time taken as a result of an injury.

Chiropractic Helps Keep You Aligned

When you combine an ergonomic workspace and chiropractic care, you can maintain a healthier alignment and make a direct, positive effect on the nerves in your body. By optimizing the workspace, we create a happy employee who can function to their highest abilities.

Speak with us today about getting your body into alignment!

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