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Coconut Oil and it's Benefits

Health Benefits of using coconut oil

Coconut oil has a lot of medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) which is a great non adrenal stimulating fuel.  MCT’s are a form of saturated fat but they have many health benefits.  They body uses these differently from fat that doesn’t have the MCT’s.  They are easy to digest unlike fat that don’t have MCT’s.   Fats that don’t have MCT’s get stored in the cells which add to fat gain.  MCT’s are used up in the liver.  Within moments of them being eaten, they are converted by the liver into energy which is a benefit.  .  It is also  shown as improving the HDL or good cholesterol to assist in lowering the high to bad (LDL) cholesterol ratio.
What are some of the “benefits” that you, personally, could trump?

I blend coconut oil (about a tablespoon full) in my pre workout smoothies as it converts into energy quickly.  I usually do this for when I do cardio workouts such as cycling, hiking, etc.  I feel very energized after drinking my smoothie and it helps with quick energy.

What do you recommend as the daily use of coconut oil to your clients?

I recommend my clients to use it for cooking vs. any other type of oil.  Things like pancakes, eggs, etc.  I advise people to be moderate with it as it does have about 110 calories for each tablespoon full, but I do tell them about the benefits vs. other  types such as canola oil for cooking.  The reason for this is also because coconut oil has a very high heat temperament and doesn’t go rancid when heating.  It is very stable and doesn’t become a free radical that harms the body.

Here’s a typical chart of daily dosage and age.1

Weight   in kilograms

Number   of tablespoons of coconut oil daily




3   1/2




2   1/2




1   1/2



1Retieved from:

Why do you think coconut oil has become the latest “fad” ?

There has been a lot of information about trans fats and how coconut oil has been separated from this as it is a medium chain trans fat.  As mentioned above it gets digested quickly and has many benefits due to this.  It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fungal amongst other things which are beneficial.  Even though it has these properties, it isn’t scientifically proven to do everything that many claim, such as treat HIV, Cancer,  and help with kidney problems.  It has been marketed like a ‘wonder’ oil or a cure all, which I believe has added to the hype of it’s properties.

What skepticism is behind the use and benefits of coconut oil, and why?

Many people still think that because coconut oil is a trans fat that it is very unhealthy.  There are many studies that show coconut oil isn’t what it is marketed to be.  There are still powerful marketing machines out there that keep promoting many benefits of coconut oil such as even treating HIV.  Giving good dietary advice isn’t something that should be done by marketing companies.  Even there are some very good benefits of coconut oil, not all of the claims out there are valid of what coconut oil can do for everyone.

John Ramotowski, B.A., R.H.N., P.T.S.

Holistic Nutritionist,  Personal Training Specialist

Center for Healthy Living

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    Very helpful and Great information, we appreciate advise especially coming from a professional. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

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      Thank-you so much for the nice comment! Our team of writers take pride in providing quality health information to the public.

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