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A Memorable Experience Helping ADHD

One of my most memorable patients was a little boy whose mother had to practically drag him in to see me. He’d been diagnosed with ADHD and several emotional disorders that are, sadly, common in children. He was struggling socially, academically and intellectually, he wasn’t even able to sit still in his room. Chiropractic was the mom’s last shot before medicating her son with any of the well-known brands of mind-altering drugs given to children.

Chiropractic helps ADHD

Let’s Give Chiropractic a Chance

The mom figured she had nothing to lose and had already tried every other option available. When they came in, we had to bribe her son with a treat just to let me perform a neurological scan of his nervous system and a spinal examination. These tests revealed that he had a poorly functioning nervous system with problems in his upper neck area.

The muscles in his back were like concrete. They were in such a protective state, I think I could have bounced a quarter off his neck! We were able to address his problem areas with chiropractic care that same day.

The Next Day…

The mother and son came in the next day for a visit. Crying happy tears, she said, ‘’My son is a different person already.”

She’d seen a huge difference after only one visit. We saw him for another 8 sessions and this boy transformed into a calm, polite, much less irritable child. In addition to maintenance chiropractic care, we discussed some dietary changes and supplements to further help her son.

Natural, Powerful Healing

The most amazing part of this story is the changes created in this boy simply by the placement of hands upon his spine. So many people are fearful of chiropractic care, but they’re ecstatic when they give it a try and see the amazing results they get. Chiropractic is the last option for so many, when it should be the first.

Chiropractic care is the only option that will restore your nerve function, allowing you to function at your highest level. Don’t you want to be at your best or do you know someone that might benefit? Call us today! (403) 769-0093

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