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Your Second Visit to Center For Healthy Living

Upon your second visit to our clinic be prepared to spend approximately 15-20 minutes. Your second visit will consist of the Doctor discussing your Report of Findings with you. The Doctor will review your scan results, discuss your recommended treatment plan with you, discuss alternative treatment options with you, and review X-rays if any were taken.


Once the Report of Findings is completed a treatment will take place. If required you will change into shorts or a gown provided for you. Your treatment will begin with heat packs for 5 minutes, followed by some soft tissue therapy, and then a Chiropractic adjustment.

Once your treatment is completed for this day further treatment appointments are discussed with you and the Doctor briefly. Upon completion payment is required and further appointments are booked with our friendly staff. Once you have booked your future appointments you are free to go for that day.


A Typical Office Visit

A typical office appointment will be approximately 15 minutes in length. On your visit you are free to bring a pair of shorts or comfortable clothes to wear, if not the clinic does supply shorts and gowns for you. The treatment does begin with heat application for a few minutes followed by the Doctor providing treatment. A treatment can consist of stretching, adjustments, Graston Technique, Active Release Technique, Ultrasound, etc. Once treatment is completed you are free to dress, exit the treatment room and book further appointments with our friendly staff.

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