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Physiotherapy Testimonials

Center For Healthy Living offers physiotherapy care in West Springs Calgary with physiotherapist Patrice Guay. Patrice works in a collaborative one-on-one approach to determine a personalized regimen that helps our practice members recover from pain, prevent injuries, and maximize athletic performance.

Discover how he has helped our practice members recover from pain and injury:

Happy to See Progress

“I have been working with Patrice for a few months and am so happy to see progress on a problem I have had for years. Patrice started with the most thorough assessment I have ever had and he works on the problem with a unique treatment plan. Patrice’s combination of techniques and progression of exercises has made all the difference for me. I now have greater stability and am finally able to use my muscles properly. I would highly recommend booking an appointment with Patrice!”

- Penny Todd, Project Manager, Calgary, AB


More Than Happy to Recommend Patrice-Guay

“I have been visiting Patrice for one month and have had drastic improvements in my chronic back/neck pain. I have visited countless other therapists in the past 10 years and they had all given up on me or referred me away. Patrice’s success comes from his ability to listen and provide his patients with the opportunity to voice their issues. He is logical in his approach to treating his patients. It is methodical, programmed, and thoughtful. Lastly, he is honest with his patients. He will tell you exactly what needs to be done to fix the issues. I look forward to the continued progress I have made under his care, and I would be more than happy to recommend him to any one who is in need of a physiotherapist.”

- V. T, Calgary, AB


Hope to be Able to Function and Move like I Once Did

“The care and attention to my specific needs provided by Patrice and the entire clinical staff has given me the confidence to believe that I can once again have hope to be able to function and move like I once did. It bring confidence to me to think I can live a normal life again!”

- Mike Etherington, Calgary, AB


I Successfully Ran My First Half Marathon

Three months ago I could not run without suffering from agonizing shin splints. Within a month of working with Patrice my pain had been completely resolved and I was able to run short distances. Today I successfully rain my first half marathon and I could not have done it without the personalized treatment and recover plan that he designed for me. The techniques he utilized were effective and were implemented with the utmost professionalism. Patrice was not only a phenomenal physiotherapist to work with, but also became a friend, mentor and teacher. I highly recommend his expertise!

-Colby Regel


My Issues Have Been Greatly Diminished

I have used Patrice’s services on a regular basis for server recurring problems. Through his evaluation of my problems, his physio techniques and his encouragement to do the assigned exercises, my “issues” have been greatly diminished. I appreciate Patrice’s knowledge and efforts on my behalf.

-Barbara M.

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